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Heat waves in Santiago, ChileGeoAdaptive  2018
Can technology help us prepare for flooding? See how it's working in IndonesiaCTCN  2018
National disaster risk assessment webinar - IntroductionUNISDR  2018
10 enabling elements for a successful national disaster risk assessmentUNISDR  2018
Data management throughout the national risk assessment processUNISDR  2018
Marginalized and minority groups consideration in NDRAUNISDR  2018
Developing risk assessment to support sovereign risk financing and risk transferUNISDR  2018
Use of geospatial data in implementing NDRAUNISDR  2018
Supporting DRR investment decision makingUNISDR  2018
Cross-sectoral and multi-risk approach to cascading disastersUNISDR  2018
Cross-border risk assessmentUNISDR  2018
Public communication for disaster risk reductionUNISDR  2018
Direct and indirect economic impactUNISDR  2018
Sea level rise hazard and risk assessmentUNISDR  2018
Coastal erosionUNISDR  2018
Wild fireUNISDR  2018
Landslide hazard and risk assessmentUNISDR  2018
Earthquake hazard and risk assessmentUNISDR  2018
Citizens' participation and crowdsourcingUNISDR  2018
Natechs hazard and risk assessmentUNISDR  2018
Tsunami hazard and risk assessmentUNISDR  2018
Biological hazard and risk assessmentUNISDR  2018
Meteotsunamis: An overlooked hazard for the Great Lakes and beyondAGU  2018
I-REACT: A collective effort to stop disastersI-REACT  2017
Climate change impacts in EuropeEEA  2017
Black Tuesday - 1967 Tasmania bushfiresBNHCRC  2017
Helping Bangladesh better prepare for natural disastersECHO; NARRI  2017
Webinar recording: Monitoring & evaluation to enhance adaptation and reduce disaster riskPLACARD  2017
Building disaster resilient communities in Koshi Basin, NepalIFRC  2017
Empowering communities to mitigate disaster risks in Chitral (Pakistan)UNDP Pakistan  2017
Mapping the Maldives using dronesDJI  2017
National governance and climate change in the CaribbeanCDKN  2017
Mexico's earthquake early warning networkUNISDR  2017
Why are some earthquakes in Japan so deadly?NTNU  2017
Global Green and National Grid create Climate Resilient Disaster Preparedness Hubs in New YorkGCI  2017
Climate Change in the Caribbean, the case for actionCDKN  2017
Indonesia: Village Disaster PreparednessIDEP  2017
Protecting people from sand and dust stormsWMO  2017
Reality “catching up” with short-term thinking on development: UNDPUN Radio  2017
#MEXICOGP2017: Tackling flood and health risks in CameroonUNISDR  2017
Investing to reduce disaster risk protects development gainsIOC; UNISDR  2017
Games, not handbooks, to beat insecticide resistanceSciDevNet  2017
Where levees fail in California, nature can step in to nurture riversNPR  2017
Attributing extreme weather eventsCDKN  2017
Strengthening the climate resilience of rural infrastructure in Timor-LesteUNDP  2017
Road map to community resilienceIFRC  2017
Protecting heritage against disasters in NepalUNISDR  2017
India: Beat the heatCDKN  2017
How did climate change affect that extreme weather event?NASEM  2017
Women in climate actionCIF; WBG  2017

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