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Working with nature and green infrastructure can improve the management of water resources and contribute to reducing risks associated with water-related disasters and climate change while restoring and protecting ecosystems.

From early warning systems to evacuation models, artificial intelligence is behind a number of promising innovations for disaster risk reduction.

Examples of innovative DRR initiatives supported by crowd-sourcing and citizen science..

How climate services can contribute to effective risk management systems.

Stocktaking, challenges and best practices in the collection of disaster loss data.

Case studies, challenges and best practices to ensure the full participation of persons with disabilities in disaster risk reduction.

Global reports on the human and economic impacts of disasters.

Resources on attribution science to communicate the linkages between extreme weather events and climate change.

An innovative approach to release funds for disaster preparedness and response according to predefined triggers, before a crisis occurs.

Case studies, challenges and best practices to ensure the full participation of elderly people in disaster risk reduction.

Case studies and best practices on the use of open data for disaster risk reduction.

Working towards a risk informed and integrated approach to sustainable development.

Challenges, case studies and best practices to account for gender violence in disaster risk reduction efforts.

How the conservation and restoration of wetlands can contribute to disaster risk reduction.

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