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Papua New Guinea: National disaster mitigation policy

Management of disasters and emergencies in Papua New Guinea had been undertaken in accordance with the Disaster Management Act. Whilst this legislation is purposeful the functions and responsibilities entailed in the Act have not been effectively and efficiently deployed. It is for this reason and consistent with the Act and the direction of the National Executive Council a National Environment and Disaster Mitigation Authority is being established. The Authority will comprise of members who will be headed by a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman. The Authority will be assisted by a Secretariat whose head, General Manager, shall also be the Executive Officer/Secretary to the Authority. The Secretariat will perform the operational and administrative roles and functions to assist the Authority. The present National Disaster Centre management arrangements will be absorbed in the Authority whose responsibilities will also encompass the disaster management responsibilities, which will, largely, include environment and disaster mitigation throughout Papua New guinea. The main roles and functions of the Authority shall be:

i) To implement the National Environment and Disaster Mitigation Programme;
ii) To formulate, implement, monitor, evaluate and manage mitigation programmes and policies;
iii) To secure funding and manage financial activities;

Implementation and participating agencies include all relevant agencies including corporate organisations, non governmental organisations, churches and government both at the national and provincial levels. Donor agencies and international organisations assistance and support will be welcomed and these will be sought through normal administrative channels and arrangements.


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