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Pakistan: National disaster response plan 2019

The National Disaster Response Plan is among the key documents outlining the guidelines for managing and responding to disasters/emergencies in Pakistan. Compared to previous counterparts, this plan:

  • - Considers recurrent disasters after 2010 and experiences learnt thereof.
  • - Aligns with the National Disaster Management Plan 2012.
  • - Aligns with global frameworks, including the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • - Incorporates rationalized roles and responsibilities of government departments and ministries.

The plan seeks to enhance Pakistan's ability to manage disasters and use a comprehensive national approach. It outlines the processes and mechanisms to facilitate a coordinated response from multi-level agencies. To achieve this, the plan incorporates all disaster management activities, from preparedness to response. 

This document contains four sections:

  • - Section I provides a brief profile of Pakistan and historical perspectives of its disasters.
  • - Section II presents the country's institutional mechanisms for disaster management, including the roles of various stakeholders.
  • - Section III explores the development of the plan, including the roles of various stakeholders at multiple tiers.
  • - Section IV covers the provision of emergency services and public assistance immediately after a disaster to save lives, reduce health impacts, ensure public safety and meet the needs of those affected.

The plan also acts as a guiding document for local government institutions who are responsible for the development and improvement of local response plans.


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