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National disaster recovery framework (NDRF): Building back a disaster-affected Malawi better and safer (Volume II: Drought)

Recovery efforts defined within the NDRF are guided by a central vision and goal. An initial vision and goal were determined following the 2015 floods; these have been updated in response to the 2015/16 drought. A common recovery vision and goal that cuts across both disasters is critical to ensure that the NDRF can effectively co-ordinate common multi-stakeholder efforts and strengthen the resilience of vulnerable populations.

Vision: A nation that is resilient to natural disasters, that can rapidly recover from drought and flood shocks, while fostering sustainable economic growth and ensuring equitable, inclusive, and participatory reconstruction that builds back better.

Goal: To sustainably improve the resilience of communities affected by floods and drought, support prolonged food security of vulnerable populations, and restore the livelihoods of disaster-affected communities.

This recovery framework serves the following purposes:

  • Guide government and other implementing stakeholders in prioritising the implementation of PDNA findings and guide recovery investment and resource allocations across short-term humanitarian needs and medium- to long-term reconstruction;

  • Help articulate a vision for recovery;

  • Define a national recovery strategy;

  • Guide strategic decision-making processes at the national and district levels;

  • Co-ordinate and prioritise multi-stakeholder interventions cross-sectoral and geospatially;

  • Monitor outcomes across all recovery and reconstruction programmes; and

  • Guide government and all stakeholders to better address longer-term disaster vulnerability through coherent programmes that bridge the gap between recovery and development.


  • Themes:Disaster Risk Management, Governance, Recovery
  • Hazards:Drought
  • Countries/Regions:Malawi

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/60964

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