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Vietnam: National strategy for natural disaster prevention, response and mitigation to 2020

The general goal of the national strategy for natural disaster prevention, response and mitigation to 2020 is to mobilize all resources to effectively implement disaster prevention, response and mitigation from now up to 2020 in order to minimize the losses of human life and properties, the damage of natural resources and cultural heritages, and the degradation of environment, contributing significantly to ensure the country's sustainable development, national defense and security.

Specific objectives:

  • Enhance the capacities of forecasting flood, storm, drought, seawater intrusion, of informing earthquake, of warning tsunami and extreme hydrometeorology phenomena, of which the focus is given to increase the early warning of storm and tropical depression to 72 hours in advance. 
  • Ensure that the development planning and building codes of socioeconomic structures and residential areas in places frequently affected by disaster suit to regional standards for flood and storm control; and socio-economic development plans and sectoral plans are integrated with the strategy and plans of disaster prevention, response and mitigation for a sustainable development.
  • Ensure 100% of local staffs who directly work in the field of disaster prevention, response and mitigation at all levels to be trained and strengthened of capacities for disaster prevention, response and mitigation; ensure more than 70% of population living in disaster prone areas to be disseminated of knowledge on disaster mitigation.
  • Complete the relocation, arrangement and stabilization of the life for people in disaster prone areas according to the planning approved by authorized government agencies. Up to 2010, manage to relocate all population from flash flood and land slide high-risk areas and dangerous areas to safety places.
  • Direct the collaboration and cooperation among forces of search and rescue to take initiative in responding to emergency situations; ensure adequate investment for construction of technical infrastructure and facilities, for procurement of equipment and for human resource development to deal with disaster search and rescue in line with the Master Planning for Search and Rescue to 2015, with vision up to 2020 approved by Prime Minister on Decision 46/2006/Q TTg on 28th February 2006.
  • Ensure safety for the dyke systems at provinces from Ha Tinh province up to the North of the country; improve the flood-resistant capacity of embankment systems in the Coastal Central region, Central Highlands and the Eastern South; complete the consolidation and upgrading of seadyke systems all over the country to protect population, develop the sea economy, and ensure national security and defense in coastal areas.
  • Ensure safety for reservoirs, especially the large reservoirs and the ones related to crowded residential areas, to politically, economically, culturally sensitive areas, and to important structures of national security and defense downstream.
  • Complete 100% of construction of storm shelters for boats and ships according to the planning approved by authorized agencies.
  • Complete the fishery communication system; ensure that 100% of offshore fishing boats and ships have sufficient communication equipment; sign treaties on sea rescue with other nations and territories in the region.


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