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Central American policy on comprehensive disaster risk management (PCGIR)

This policy responds to the need to update regional commitments aimed at reducing and preventing disaster risk, thereby contributing to a vision of comprehensive safe development in Central America.

This policy contains guidelines, commitments and general and medium term actions to be realized through a structure of policy - strategy - plan. The policy establishes the scope to make it possible to delimit and ensure that risk management is adequately addressed as a theme which is integral in nature. The contents include central coordinating elements in which commitments adopted by regional authorities are determined. Processes are also identified and the means by which this policy will be implemented; this includes institutional and financial aspects as well as those related to supervision, accountability and participation. The more detailed aspects of these regional instruments, such as budget, impact and performance indicators, and short and medium term responsibilities, will be developed at the level of strategies and plans. In particular, the Regional Disaster Reduction Plan, which is still in force, will be adapted to be consistent with the policy and incorporate in detail its instruments and application mechanisms.

The contents include orientation and establish the specific institutional responsibilities of the Central American Integration System (SICA) at different levels. Therefore, the way to approach it at the national level is through the mechanisms and bodies that SICA institutions have defined in their regulatory instruments.


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