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Vanuatu: Climate change and disaster risk reduction policy 2016-2030

This policy document incorporates recommendations from the risk assessment which analysed Vanuatu’s climate change and disaster risk governance capacity and needs at both national and local levels, and from local, provincial and national consultations. It aims to be accessible to and implemented by all government agencies and non-governmental stakeholders. The policy takes a practical approach, taking into consideration Vanuatu’s resources, exposure to risks, and demographic situation. It seeks to strengthen existing capacity at national, provincial and area council levels, drawing on the country’s rich heritage, traditional knowledge and the lessons learned from the broad range of initiatives regarding climate change and disaster risk reduction.

The purpose of this policy is to: i) articulate Vanuatu’s vision, principles, strategic goals, priorities and strategies for climate change and disaster risk reduction; ii) provide the framework for mainstreaming climate change and disaster risk reduction into sustainable development processes; iii) improve coordination and planning of programmes, projects and funding across ministries, departments, development partners, academia, civil society organisations (CSOs) and the private sector; iv) ensure that stakeholders, including donors, CSOs, the private sector and communities understand and align themselves and their actions with Vanuatu’s policy direction; v) strengthen the ability of governance and financial systems to access additional funds, enabling more equitable sharing in resourcing relative to Vanuatu’s high level of vulnerability; and facilitate accountability through monitoring, evaluation and reporting.

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