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Philippines: Post-Haiyan Tacloban declaration

This brief document underscores the important role of a private sector that should be more responsible of international standards for disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) and calls for greater collaboration and coordination in disaster risk reduction and management.

The declaration includes the following key points:

  1. Identify local governments as first responders and builders of local resilience in times of disasters.
  2. Improve governance within all DRRM stakeholders.
  3. Introduce a DRRM perspective in development planning and efforts, including in economic and financial decisions and strategies.
  4. Ensure affordable and accessible science, innovation and engineering methods to the needs of disaster-prone situations.
  5. Protect and empower vulnerable groups including indigenous people, women, children, displaced and the elderly.
  6. Support a people-centered approach to DRRM.
  7. Scale up education and develop systematic actions on DRRM and climate change.
  8. Ensure availability of reliable and real-time information in every emergency response situation.
  9. Acknowledge the power of national government to consider “possible contribution” of the military in early response in case of mega disasters.
  10. Recognize the role of the media in raising awareness, distributing early warning and disseminating best practices on DRRM.

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