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Third session of the regional platform for disaster risk reduction in the Americas: Statement by the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency

A statement in which the CDEMA presents the Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) Strategy and Framework, initially developed in 2001, and further enhanced in 2006, and its enhancement between 2007 and 2012. It highlights the key achievements in the region, such as: (i) the integration of the CDM programming by a number of CDEMA’s development partners; (ii) the multi-year provision of multi-million dollar of disaster management funding; (iii) the recognition of CDM goals at the national level; (iv) the establishment of the Country Directed Fund which 18 of the CDEMA Participating States have access to; (v) the development of a leadership development and training programme; and (vi) the creation of model products and standards.

It also reports on (vii) the development of a regional programme and plan of action for integrating climate change considerations in disaster risk reduction and (viii) the enhancement of national and regional response capacity, including the development of vulnerability risk profiles at the community level and through the enhancement of Standard Operating Procedures at the regional level.

It introduces the CDM Coordination and Harmonisation Council, a multi-sectoral governance mechanism established to provide policy and technical advice for mainstreaming CDM implementation in key sectors at the national and regional, and presents its significant gains, such as collaboration and sharing of technical expertise for training, raising awareness, providing accountability on the use of resources facilitated by development partners through a Monitoring, evaluation and Reporting tool that for the CDM Strategy that also included a number of indicators allowing for the measuring of progress on implementation of the HFA at the national and regional levels.

In terms of challenges, the statement mentions economic constraints and the concomitant evolving complexity for resource mobilization, pointing at the need to sharpen CDEMA tools for engagement and modes of communication, as well as the states unrealistic expectations for short term results, which calls on CDEMA to strengthen its messaging on disaster reduction.

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