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Third session of the regional platform for disaster risk reduction in the Americas: Communiqué Santiago de Chile / Tercera sesión de la plataforma regional para la reducción de riesgos de desastres: Comunicado de Santiago de Chile

Investing in resilience - accelerating the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action in the Americas:

A declaration in which the participants of the Regional platform for disaster risk reduction in the Americas acknowledge the work being developed in the region surrounding disaster risk reduction, as guided by the principles and priorities set out in the Hyogo Framework for Action 2005-2015, and renew their commitment to consolidate the achievements and to advance in the full implementation of policies, strategies, plans, programs and projects aimed at increasing the resilience of nations and communities to disaster risk and their capacity to adapt to the challenges posed by climate change in the region.

They specifically: (i) renew the political commitment to take on responsibilities towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals, adaptation to climate change, disaster risk reduction and the formulation of sustainable development policies as expressed in the recent Rio+20 Declaration 'The Future We Want'; (ii) approach to actions for consolidating achievements and overcoming challenges identified for civil society organizations in education, communication, people living in vulnerable conditions, gender equality, capacity development and information management, for businesses, industries and societies in financing, forecasting, carrying risk assessments and developing standards, for governments in policies surrounding disaster risk reduction and adaptation to climate change as well as the integration of scientific-technical research and the use of traditional knowledge, for the agencies and mechanisms of governments in in the context of policies surrounding sustainable development, economic incentives and financial instruments; and (iii) surrounding the mechanisms to promote, support and follow-up on the implementation of actions, supporting the preparation of the post-2015 framework.

It also includes the Santiago de Chile declaration on disaster risk reduction focused on early childhood, childhood, adolescence and youth, which calls on the participants of the Regional platform for disaster risk reduction in the Americas to act upon five goals: (i) schools are safe and education will not be interrupted; (ii) the protection of children is a priority before, during and after the disaster; (iii) children have access to the information they need and participate in disaster risk reduction actions; (iv) community infrastructure is safe, and relief and reconstruction efforts help to reduce future risks; and (v) disaster risk reduction gives priority to the most vulnerable.

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