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China: Statement to the United Nations 66th General Assembly thematic debate on disaster risk reduction

A statement by the Chinese Delegation, stating that disaster risk reduction is a priority area of sustainable development. Issues addressed: (i) the increase of extreme weather incidents as a result of climate change; (ii) the emergence of cities as the focus of international disaster reduction efforts due to cities being the hardest hit in natural disasters; (iii) the increase of public investment to build up disaster reduction capacities of cities, increase urban planning, and heighten the defense level of existing buildings; (iv) the need to raise public awareness of and capacity in disaster reduction through education and exercise to improve community-level disaster contingency planning; (v) the need to establish platforms for exchanges to enhance information sharing, such as building networks for early warning; and (vi) the need to strengthen international cooperation and enhance capacity building in disaster risk reduction of developing countries.

The statement showcases China's approach in promoting capacity building in disaster reduction with the government's "Comprehensive Disaster Prevention and Reduction Plan (2011-2015)," which details China's approach, main tasks, and major projects in its integrated endeavor for disaster prevention and reduction.

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