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Armenia: National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction

Armenia is at high risk of natural and technological hazards, owing to high levels of exposure and vulnerability.

There are many issues and concerns in the country, which increase the vulnerability and exposure of the Armenian population to the above mentioned hazards. These include:

1. Need of a Comprehensive approach to Disaster Risk Reduction.
2. Absence of DRR strategy.
3. Imperfection of DRR legislative field.
4. Lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities of DRR stakeholders.
5. Poor coordination among various stakeholders in DRR sector.
6. Insufficient level of cooperation in DRR sector.
7. Agency interests are a priority.
8. Insufficient level of knowledge and education in DRR sector.
9. Imperfection of awareness raising process.
10. Inefficient use of resources.
11. Insufficient level of analytical capacities.
12. Absence of DRR common methodology.
13. Imperfection of monitoring system in DRR.
14. Lack of comprehensive understanding of DRR in the development perspective.
15. Need of multi-stakeholder partnership on DRR.

The national platform states that DRR implies joined actions by the Government, state bodies, communities, civil society, scientific organizations, private sector, as well as the mass media.

DRR NP in Armenia is a structure elaborated and administered by the country with the involvement of stakeholders. It aims to promote DRR implementation at all levels, coordinate, analyze and consult in main sectors which require joined, participatory and coordinated actions.

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