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Zambia: research proposal - The severity and extent of fire disasters - Zambia's technical capabilities

The general objective of this research proposal is to identify the weaknesses of the Fire and Rescue Services Industry in Zambia with the view of coming up with a way of strengthening their operation taking advantage of existing opportunities and strengths.

The scope of the Fire Disasters Survey in terms of depth of the issues taken into account is guided by the literature review done in the conceptualization of the study. A continuous process of consultations with key stakeholders and literature review during the conceptualization of the study has helped shape the scope of the survey. The survey will include identifying and analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the Fire and Rescue Services Organizations in the country.

To achieve this, the survey will employ 2 survey instruments for data collection namely, the industry and community questionnaires. The industry questionnaire will deal directly with the Fire and Rescue Services Organizations and will delve into a SWOT of their operations. The community aspect will gather views of the operations of these institutions from the public perspective. The community checklist will be administered through Focused Group Discussions involving key informants.

The survey will be done in the four cities of Zambia namely Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe and Livingstone and two municipalities namely Kafue and Kabwe. The areas were chosen on the basis of their large population, high level of investment among other considerations.


  • Themes:Disaster Risk Management, Risk Identification & Assessment
  • Hazards:Wild Fire
  • Countries/Regions:Zambia

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