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What is resilience

This video series was produced by Lisbon City Council as a resource to share the concept and information on its RESILENS strategy on critical infrastructure in the city. The four videos, approximately one minute each, are composed of illustrations and pictograms that elaborate on the concept of resilience and the role of the municipal government, specifically as:

  • Critical infrastructure manager
  • Appropriating or owning proprietor with jurisdiction over municipal territory (aerial, surface and underground) and its corresponding critical infrastructure that is managed by several entities, while providing basic services to citizens
  • Central manager of bidirecional flows of interdependencies between the citizen and the several key actors crucial for the city's operation and responsible for the increase of city resilience.‚Äč

The videos emphasise and visually illustrate the following principles:

  • Resilience: portrayed by a joint rise of levels
  • Resilience Management: portrayed by a dynamic round design in which actions fit together
  • Cycle Phases of Resilience Management illustrated by standardized colors, in state of disruption, before (green = evacuation), during (red = emergency/hazard) and after (blue = information)
  • Actions: represented by pictograms that illustrate the key concepts defined consensually by experts that had participated in the Lisbon Pilot demonstration and validated by the RESILENS project Consortium
  • Critical Infrastructure: depicted as illustrations of buildings with specific linkage to the management resilience phase
  • Communication and information: visualized on the illustrations through the screens to spread messages online and in real time (how to prevent or how to act) 
  • Interdependencies: depicted by symbols in shape of gear wheel
  • Harmonisation: depicted by graphical symbols of equal syze that not allow the valorization of some actions jeopardizing the remaining
  • Dynamic: portrayed by the whole movement included in Resilience Management Cycle and in each one of the actions that make up the cycle


  • Themes:Governance, Urban Risk & Planning
  • Countries/Regions:Portugal

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/56982

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