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Climate change film by children in Xa Thuan, Vietnam

This participatory video (PV) is developed by ethnic minority children in Quang Tri, Vietnam. In this video, they introduced their daily lives as well as presented their memory about the last disaster - typhoon #9 (Ketsana typhoon) affecting their communities and lives. The children came up with solutions for community awareness raising and advocacy messages.

Conduct community screenings: Showed films within the community for discussion in 82 villages (5 events each) and 23 schools (10 events each) in Quang Tri. CECI also uses the PV for their awareness raising activities at school. The films were also shown at national and provincial workshops and events, such as the National Workshop on Climate Change Education, DRR week in Vietnam May 2011, and at various forums and working group meetings. A partner of Plan -- CARE in Vietnam -- is also broadcasting the videos on local television in Thanh Hoa province. The videos will be aired in Quang Tri province by Plan in Vietnam.

Participatory video (PV) is an innovative methodology which amplifies the voices of traditionally excluded groups who are greatly affected by disasters. These marginalised groups are rarely included in decision making processes which determine policies and programmes that directly impact their lives.
Participatory video is an innovative methodology in DRR because it not only gathers data for a broad understanding of grassroots' concerns and needs, but it also supports beneficiaries' own efforts to address their issues locally. The participatory approach allows the children to develop their own video while media experts provide initial training and on-going support as needed by the children.

The PV process
1) Conduct pre-workshop training with 12 children
2) Require homework with elders
5) Conduct PV Workshop in large group
o Focused on the children learning about using video to make a film about DRR/CC (discussed light, composition, sound and motion, and the basics of using the equipment).
o Focused on working as a team, increasing interview videotaping skills (2 people on a camera/one person on a camera) and learning different crew roles.
o Focused in the morning on technical filmmaking skills (interviewing, crew roles, etc) and watching the films for discussion and learning.
6) Script development and review by the children
7) Filming with the children
8) Finish editing and film delivery


  • Themes:Advocacy & Media, Climate Change, Community-based DRR, Inclusion
  • Countries/Regions:Viet Nam

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/34224

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