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  Title Source Date Published
Building safer and more resilient homes in post-earthquake NepalWB2018
Protecting heritage against disasters in NepalUNISDR2017
Drama for safe reconstruction in NepalBuild Change2016
Empowering communities to mitigate disaster risks in Chitral (Pakistan)UNDP Pakistan2017
Helping Bangladesh better prepare for natural disastersECHO; NARRI2017
Puerto Plata's resilience to eathquakes and tsunamis (in Spanish)UNDP2015
'Beyond school books' podcast #8: Natural disasters and school constructionUNICEF2008
Urban Dreams, urban realities; 10 Recommendations for a safer Agra, IndiaCURE; Cities Alliance2013
Making Cities Resilient: Getting construction professionals involved - WebinarsCIB; UNISDR2012
PASSA implementation in NicaraguaBritish Red Cross; IFRC2012
PASSA (Participatory Approach for Safe Shelter Awareness) - videoBritish Red Cross; IFRC2011
Counting disaster: Who's dying where?BBC2011
From risk to resilience - UNISDR's international day for disaster reduction 2011SEEDS2011
Safer schools campaignAIDMI2011
Maldives strategic national action plan for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptationUNISDR AP2009
New Swiss nuclear plants on hold as earthquake risks examinedWRS2011
School retrofitting by UNDP NepalUNDP Nepal2010
Corruption and earthquakes - an audio interview with Professor Roger BilhamBBC2011
Gestión de riesgos en vivienda, urbanismo y saneamientoPGT, Peru - gov2010
e-lecture on 'Disaster risk reduction and the structural engineer'Monash University2010
Launch of 'One million safe million schools and hospitals Initiative'UNISDR2010
China’s Unnatural Disaster: The Tears of Sichuan Province - trailerHBO2009
Plan for Haiti : UNISDR's Praveen Pardeshi in GenevaCTV2010
BBC World Debate: ‘Prevent or React’BBC2009