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  Title Source Date Published
Webinar: Seeds for a safer tomorrow toolkitUNMGCY2017
Managing risk in a changing climatePSU2017
Women in climate actionCIF; WBG2017
NAP-Ag webinar session recordings: The role of climate information services in adaptation planning for agricultureUNDP2017
How did climate change affect that extreme weather event?NASEM2017
FoodSECuRE: Innovative approach to disaster preparedness and responseWFP2015
The R4 Rural Resilience InitiativeWFP2015
Strengthening the climate resilience of rural infrastructure in Timor-LesteUNDP2017
Attributing extreme weather eventsCDKN2017
Climate Change in the Caribbean, the case for actionCDKN2017
Mangrove conservation for improved climate resilience in the Limpopo River BasinUSAID, United States of America - gov2016
National governance and climate change in the CaribbeanCDKN2017
Mapping the Maldives using dronesDJI2017
Webinar recording: Monitoring & evaluation to enhance adaptation and reduce disaster riskPLACARD2017
Climate change impacts in EuropeEEA2017
Climate information & early warnings to save lives and build livelihoods in UgandaUNDP2016
Climate Change in BangladeshFriendship2016
Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions (ASSAR)UCT2016
Adapting to Climate Change in China: AnimationINTASAVE-CARIBSAVE Group2016
Leading by example: women taking action for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction in VietnamCI2015
Desertif'actions 2015: Land and climate - time to act!CARI2015
For a safer future: Insights on climate resilience from India - FilmCDKN2015
Act to Adapt: How children and communities are participating in climate actionPlan Intl2015
Proud of my Purok: Reducing floods and land slides in the Agusan Delta, PhilippinesCI; PRC; Wetlands Intl2015
Message from Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s Director-General on disaster risk reductionSPC2015
Aromar Revi: Cities can save us - TEDxPlaceDesNationsTED2014
Adapting to a changing climateUNFCCC2014
FILM: Missing – The forgotten women in India’s climate plansCDKN2014
Youth action research on DRR/CCA - Laow Lui ThailandPlan Thailand; SDF2014
Margareta Wahlstrom in Cairns to talk about disaster resilience and risk reductionABC; UNISDR2010
When children are filmmakers: Participatory video processPlan Intl2013
Shadow puppet show on DRR in Thailand - VideoPlan Intl2013
Climate change film by children in Xa Thuan, VietnamPlan Intl2011
Australia: To see with both eyesMonash University2013
CDKN: In conversation with… Dr. Tom Mitchell, Overseas Development InstituteCDKN2012
CDKN: In conversation with… Prof. Virginia Murray, Health Protection AgencyCDKN2012
Thematic debate on disaster risk reductionUNGA; UNISDR NY2012
Cairo’s children: A message to the worldERC; IFRC2011
100 photos for climate change adaptationIOC; IOM2011
Children and young people partners for disaster risk reductionAIDMI2011
Los Páramos: Climate change threatens a fragile ecosystem in the AndesIRI2011
Maldives strategic national action plan for disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptationUNISDR AP2009
Brian Ward memorial lecture by Margareta WahlströmADPC2011
Adapting to climate change in the SahelCA2009
River of hope: Adapting to a changing climate in MozambiqueDFID, United Kingdom - gov; SCI2010
Mozambique: Changing weather patterns and livelihoodsDFID, United Kingdom - gov; Guardian, the2010
Climate change - innovative solutions from ThailandOxfam GB2010
Bangladesh: Building mangrove greenbelts on vulnerable coastlineOneClimate.net2010
Day 1 of the UN climate change conference in CancunOneClimate.net2010
Reducing disaster risk in a changing climateUNISDR2009

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