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PrepTalks: Children and disasters - Reducing vulnerability and building capacityFEMA, United States of America - gov2018
PrepTalks: Youth - the key to building a culture of preparednessFEMA, United States of America - gov2018
PrepTalks: Land use planning for community resilienceFEMA, United States of America - gov2018
PrepTalks: Who’s at risk? Rapid mapping of potential hazard exposureFEMA, United States of America - gov2018
The WiRē approachUSDA, United States of America - gov; WiRē2018
PrepTalks: Social capital in disaster mitigation and recoveryFEMA, United States of America - gov2018
Meteotsunamis: An overlooked hazard for the Great Lakes and beyondAGU2018
Children firstSCI2014
Managing risk in a changing climatePSU2017
Where levees fail in California, nature can step in to nurture riversNPR2017
Global Green and National Grid create Climate Resilient Disaster Preparedness Hubs in New YorkGCI2017
A day without water: community-based water resiliency toolEPA, United States of America - gov2012
EPA green infrastructure models and tools overviewEPA, United States of America - gov2016
We Prepare EverydayFEMA, United States of America - gov2015
What is disaster research? - PresentationHuxley College of the Environ, Western Washington Univ2014
Congratulating Indonesia on its successful early-warning reactionUNGA2012
Thematic debate on disaster risk reductionUNGA; UNISDR NY2012
ARkStorm scenarioUSGS, United States of America - gov2011
Beat the quake! Drop, cover, hold onEarthquake Country Alliance2008