New soil moisture and temperature data helps predict Indian monsoon rains

Purdue Univ

Researchers have discovered that gradients in soil moisture and temperature help create an atmospheric frontal boundary and can unleash violent storm reactions. By combining multi-decade soil moisture and temperature fields with observed weather information, researchers can understand and improve monsoon predictions.

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  • Investors need tools to manage climate risk to mortgages and assets

    Univ of Cambridge

    New open-source models from ClimateWise, a global insurance network, offer step-by-step guides to help the financial industry prepare for the risks of climate change. Investors and lenders including mortgage portfolio holders need more support to identify, measure, mitigate as well as adapt and report the impact of climate change, according to a global network of insurers.

  • Costa Rica struggles to sell insurance to climate-threatened farmers


    The majority of Costa Rican farmers are not insured against disasters and registration for the National Insurance Institute's climate insurance policy has grown more slowly than expected. Even though the policy helps strengthen farm resilience, many see it as an unnecessary cost and the government's support after disasters deters coverage.

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