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Regional Platforms & DRR Strategies

Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction represent core multi-stakeholder mechanisms that serve to assess progress, identify gaps and monitor the implementation of the Sendai Framework at the regional level. Regional Platforms are becoming more and more instrumental in building coherence across the disaster risk reduction, climate change and sustainable development agendas.

Regional Platforms are held on a biennial basis, in between Global Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction, to build coherence across regional and global priorities and discussions for disaster risk reduction.
The organization of Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction encompasses a series of preparatory events, discussions and consultations with stakeholders to secure a multi-stakeholder engagement and support to Regional Platforms discussions. They include meetings of multi-stakeholder coordination committees constituted to support the Regional Platforms.
Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction traditionally agree on a set of outcome documents that guide the implementation of the Sendai Framework at the regional level. They include among others a Regional Declaration to highlight political commitments made, a Regional Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction that identifies core disaster risk reduction priorities, gaps and actions for the region, and a Regional Action Plan to support the implementation of the Regional Strategy.
In addition to the outcome documents emanating from Regional Platforms for Disaster Risk Reduction, other core documentation supporting disaster risk reduction implementation at regional level are released by practitioners and stakeholders actively involved in supporting the Sendai Framework implementation in the region. They include policies and strategies governing the work of Regional Intergovernmental Organizations, position papers and guidance documents from stakeholders’ networks or technical recommendations from technical and scientific institutions, civil society, private sector, the media community and UN partners.
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