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China: National Report in preparation for WCDR (2005)

China is one of the few countries afflicted most severely by multiple
kinds of natural disasters with a high frequency of occurrences, vast
affected territories and grave losses. In particular, since the 1990s
economic losses due to natural disasters have been on the rise, becoming
a major factor affecting economic growth and social tranquility.

Attaching great importance to disaster reduction, the Chinese
Government has taken it as an important guarantee for the overall
objective of developing national economy and achieving sustainable
development, and put forward that disaster reduction should serve the
economic and social development and the relations between disaster
reduction and economic development should be properly handled.
China’s capacity in disaster reduction should be fully enhanced by
increasing the aggregate national strength, eradicating poverty,
implementing the strategy of revitalizing the country through science,
technology and education and fully displaying their role in reducing
disasters. Taking into account the characteristics of natural disasters in China, the Chinese Government has summarized lessons and experience
drawn in previous disaster reduction work, identified guiding principles
as well as major targets, tasks and measures, mobilized all the positive
factors, and reasonably allocated resources with a view to maximally
reducing losses caused by natural disasters.

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