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Regional HFA Monitor

The primary purpose of the ‘Regional HFA monitor’ was to capture the information on the status and progress in disaster risk reduction efforts from a regional or sub-regional perspective.

The Hyogo Framework for Action encouraged (sub-)regional inter-governmental and international organizations to review the progress and status of the implementation of the framework at regional and global level.

Specifically the HFA called upon regional organisations to:

  • Promote regional programmes, including programmes for technical cooperation, capacity development, the development of methodologies and standards for hazard and vulnerability monitoring and assessment, the sharing of information and effective mobilisation of resources, in view of supporting national and regional efforts to achieve the objectives of the HFA;
  • Undertake and publish regional and sub-regional baseline assessments of status in disaster risk reduction;
  • Coordinate and publish periodic reviews on progress in the region and on impediments and support needs, and assist countries, as requested, in the preparation of periodic national summaries of their programmes and progress;
  • Establish or strengthen existing specialised regional collaborative centres, as appropriate;
  • Support the development of regional mechanisms and capacities for early warning to disasters.


The main rationale of the (sub-)regional HFA review process was:

  • to enhance the understanding of trans-boundary issues of disaster risk and risk reduction,
  • inform (sub-)regional planning and programming processes,
  • help identify gaps and challenges in achieving the strategic goals of the HFA or equivalent (sub-)regional frameworks, strategies and action plans, particularly in support of countries.


The (sub-)regional review process focused on :

  • an analysis of disaster risks and progress in risk reduction efforts from a (sub-)regional, trans-boundary perspective;
  • a synthesis of status and progress of HFA implementation at the national level;
  • an account of projects and initiatives carried out by (sub-)regional organizations;
  • an identification of gaps and challenges in HFA implementation from a sub/regional perspective.


Inputs to the regional HFA monitor were collected from designated focal points in the regional or sub-regional inter-governmental organizations and generated comprehensive 'Regional HFA Progress Reviews' for the period 2013-2015. The online tool was designed by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).

Regional, national and local reports on the progress of the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action.