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2009 Global Assessment Report

The 2009 Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction (GAR) was launched in Bahrain on May 17, 2009. The Report provides hard-hitting evidence to demonstrate how, where and why disaster risk is increasing globally and presents key findings from a global analysis of disaster risk patterns and trends, including where high mortality and economic loss is concentrated. The report analyses the underlying factors that are increasing risk levels and reviews countries progress in achieving the Hyogo Framework for Action, the international framework for reducing disaster risk adopted by 168 governments in 2005.

Using documented best practices from around the world, the Report shows that it is possible to address the underlying factors that are increasing disaster risk and worsening poverty and calls for a renewed national and international commitment to reducing disaster risk, highlights aspects of the Hyogo Framework of Action that need greater attention and provides practical recommendations to assist countries realign their policy and institutional frameworks for disaster risk reduction. The report is a collaborative biennial effort undertaken by UN agencies and partners, member states, the World Bank, regional inter-governmental and technical institutions, civil society networks, academic institutions and other ISDR system partners to guide policy formulation in disaster risk reduction.
National reports on the progress of the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action by country and timeframe.
The 2007 Global Review provides a preview of elements assessed and undertaken in greater detail in the 2009 Global Assessment Report.