Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2015
Making development sustainable: The future of disaster risk management

GAR for Tangible Earth

GfT on Apple and Android

Tablet computer users can also enjoy the GAR for Tangible Earth (GfT) free application. GfT, or “gift”, is a fully interactive stand-alone application, which features a 3D globe interface that contains decades of dynamic earth science data sets, including disaster events from all GARs.

Contributing Papers

2015 Global Assessment Report for Disaster Risk Reduction

The Global Assessment Reports are developed on the basis of a large body of original research contributed to UNISDR by a wide range of independent scientific institutions, think tanks, UN agencies, governments, non-governmental organisations and businesses. This includes original data, case studies, analysis and survey results – all available online.

Country profiles

Data Platform for GAR

The global risk analysis presented in the Global Assessment Reports is based on a joint effort by leading scientific institutions, governments, UN agencies and development banks, the private sector and non-governmental organisations. All available data is provided via country profiles and also via link to our new data platform.

UNISDR Working Papers

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This UNISDR Working Papers Series is a collection of selected studies on public investment planning and financing strategy for DRR. Each country review compile analysis of disaster loss, risk, DRM budget and other economic analysis. Based on evidence, DRR investment policy is reviewed and policy recommendation prepared. It provides concrete examples how GAR philosophy is applied on the ground.

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