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Implementation guide for parliamentarians

Disaster risk reduction education is a cross-cutting area of law with direct impact on resilience, empowering individuals with knowledge. This guide will offer Members of Parliaments case studies and recommendations on improving curricula as a long-term sustainable strategy to reduce risk and prevent its creation. This guide should also serve as an advocacy tool, with practical proposals for Members of Parliaments on policy, curricula, or legal frameworks on education, with the common goal of building a culture of safety and highlighting the importance of children as future leaders who will take risk-informed decisions for their communities.

Contact: Ana Maria Castillo ( and Liliana Lopez (

Concept note

  • Advocacy, understanding the risk, governance are the priority areas. This guide’s purpose is to, enable parliamentarians to better understand the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and their role for a successful implementation and develop practical guidance, based on comparative experiences, good practices and recommendations by means of advocacy, policy, legislative and oversight functions, which will demonstrate how parliamentarians can succeed and contribute decisively to the Sendai Framework implementation.

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