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Implementation guide for local authorities

This guide will identify mechanisms to facilitate implementation of disaster risk reduction actions at local level. It will discuss the significance of participatory actions that can do so. It will also identify mechanisms for accountability. Furthermore, it will identify financial mechanisms, delve into technical and knowledge-based capacity development, examining areas for implementation such as education and training programs, as well as partnerships (for example, city-to-city exchange and other multi-stakeholder groups such as academia and the private sector) that can increase such capacity.

Contact: Abhilash Panda ( and Jerry Velasquez (

Concept note

  • Increasing awareness and identifying a responsible institution/organization is the first step to address risk management and resilience at all levels of government. Most local governments lack financial, technical and knowledge-based capacity to integrate disaster risk reduction into development/urban development measures and implementing them. This guide will aim to address these and other issues.

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