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Cover and source: Research Institute for Humanity and Nature
This publication is a part of a five-volume booklet series on "Eco-DRR as Learned from Local History". This series emerged from a desire to trigger a reexamination of how forebears dealt with both the positive and negative aspects of nature.
This knowledge-sharing document was written with a view to capturing the key lessons from the early response to the long-term recovery of Mabi town.
In this study, a series of numerical analyses of meteorology, runoff, river flow, and inundation were performed to quantitatively evaluate the effects of historical warming on precipitation, discharge, water level, and flood inundation.
This article reports on a decade of research undertaken by the author on the role of schools in disaster response and recovery across four different disaster types in five countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
This report aims to describe the activities that a household with an energy-generating and storage system could undertake (i.e., what electrical appliances the household could use) during a natural hazard-triggered blackout.
This article explores how social infrastructure plays an important role in our communities, especially in mitigating and recovering from shocks.
This study aimed to examine the factors correlated with emergency evacuations on patients’ prognosis in hospitals severely affected by the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant (FDNPP) accident in March 2011.
Factors affecting behaviors that precede evacuation at the onset of a heavy rainstorm in Japan
This study identifies factors that affect peoples' behavior in disaster situations before evacuation, in order to better understand why people often fail to respond quickly to evacuation orders.

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