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School girls walking in a road in Bangladesh
A growing flood of Bangladeshi children are seeing their education end permanently as they flee climate impacts for urban slums
Thomson Reuters Foundation,
Bangladesh needs to gradually transition to regenerative agriculture to curb the impacts of environmental and climate vulnerabilities to ensure food security for a growing population. The most viable and holistic solution is regenerative agriculture.
Business Standard Ltd
The cover shows a Bangladeshi women smiling into the camera dressed in traditional clothes.
This publication portrays stories from communities acting early ahead of floods to protect their lives, assets and livelihoods in Bangladesh. It provides insights into how the government’s capacity to tackle the impact of the monsoon flood has increased.
Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere - International Secretariat Concern Worldwide Oxford Policy Management Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia, the

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This atlas aims to promote the sustainable development of Bangladesh’s agriculture and water resources sectors and their various components, by enhancing the understanding of stakeholders.
Asian Development Bank
Coverpage of "Hotter and more humid with erratic rainfall: Climate change in Bangladesh"
This paper discusses climate change in Bangladesh, as the country is getting hotter and more humid with erratic rainfall. Bangladesh is associated with having six seasons; however, the distinct features of these seasons are becoming increasingly blurred.
World Bank, the