Trainings related to disaster risk reduction, disaster risk communication, sustainability, resilience, recovery and beyond

University of Naples Federico II
The course introduces the basic theories and experimental work focused on earthquake generation and seismic wave propagation. It centers on methods and technologies used to image the earthquake as well as real-time simulations and mapping.
Duration 12 weeks
University of Iceland
The course gives an introduction to volcano monitoring techniques, magma movements and volcano unrest.
Duration 8 Weeks
Technische Universität München
With a focus on Europe, this course aims to summarize the tasks needed to implement the EU Floods Directive. To forecast a flood, hydrological modelling is needed.
Duration 6 Weeks
American Museum of Natural History
Our Earth’s Future is about the science of climate change and how to talk about it. Students will learn from scientists in the fields of climatology, oceanography, Earth science, and anthropology who study how climate change is affecting people
Duration 8 Hours
Johns Hopkins University
This specialization is intended for people working or aspiring to work in global health programming. It will teach the foundational building blocks of effective program planning, implementation, and evaluation in a variety of settings, including low- and
Duration Self-paced
World Bank, the
Curious about how financial products offered by the World Bank can help clients with disaster risk financing? This course focuses on financial products available to help governments, sub-national governments and state-owned enterprises manage risks
Duration Self-paced
World Bank, the
An e-learning course to help students understand how disaster risk management (DRM) projects can equally benefit women and men by addressing: • The concept of gender, and how gender roles can affect women and men’s risk and resilience to natural hazards;
Duration Self-paced
McGill University
No region on Earth is immune from natural disasters. As scientific understanding into the causes and nature of such phenomena allows better mitigation of the effects of disasters.
Duration 11 weeks

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