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Aiping Chen
“If women's involvement also becomes an essential step in screening those project proposals, and their leadership will be encouraged, that would be a success,” Aiping says.
Ida Gabrielsson
Organisations like Mahila Housing Trust and Slum Dwellers International work with women to design safe, resilient housing solutions.
Lea Ivy Manzanero
Lea says the lack of gender equality in decision-making has made it harder for women to be heard in disaster planning and in all aspects of Philippine society.
There is no doubt that the climate crisis is gendered, and the evidence is increasingly coming to bear.
United Nations Population Fund
InsuResilience commissioned a step-by-step guidance note for practitioners involved in the design and/ or implementation of a programme cycle of a CDRFI project.
InsuResilience Global Partnership
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This guidance note provides practical step-by-step guidance on how to achieve a gender-smart Climate and Disaster Risk Finance and Insurance programme.
InsuResilience Global Partnership Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development