USA: Hurricane Sandy 2012


In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Cuba and swept through the East Coast of the United States, causing critical destruction.

New York City could 'do nothing and expose ourselves to an increasing frequency of Sandy-like storms that do more and more damage,' New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said. 'Or we can make the investments necessary to build a stronger, more resilient New York - investments that will pay for themselves many times over in the years go to come,' he added...
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'Given the fact that climate change has the potential to wreak havoc in a number of different ways, i.e. more droughts, more severe storms, more frequent wildfires and rising sea level, we need to start doing more planning to adapt to these changes rather than just react,' stated Barry Chalofsky, former chief of the New Jersey Dpt of Environmental Protection’s storm water and ground water programs...

This document is the 2012 edition of WMO's internationally recognized series gathering together the key climate events of the year. It considers the natural variability caused by the El Niño/La Niña cycle, volcanic eruptions and other phenomena causing

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This report examines four topics: (i) disasters in 2012, with a focus on recurring disasters; (ii) the role of regional organizations in disaster risk management; (iii) wildfires; and (iv) the important role of women in disaster risk management. It

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'Our impulse is to try to move quickly to put communities back together the way they were after devastation. But that impulse often leads to doubling down on high-risk investments, such as rebuilding in areas likely to experience severe impacts. To move toward long-term resiliency for coastal communities, we need to seize opportunities to apply new thinking, new standards and long-term solutions'...
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'The severe weather-related events in the US provided a reminder of the value of insurance and the vital role it plays in helping individuals, communities and businesses to recover from the devastating effects of catastrophes. However, large parts of the globe that are prone to weather extremes were not able to rely on financial relief due to low insurance penetration'...
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Sigma 2/2013:

This study reports on the worldwide economic losses from over 300 natural catastrophes and man-made disasters recorded in 2012 and the cost to the global insurance industry. It specifically analyses the catastrophes cost to society, the

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The new maps add thousands of buildings and many square miles of land thought to be unlikely to flood prior to Sandy and are intended to be used to rebuild and fortify flooded areas as well as to set premium rates for flood insurance and play a role in building codes and other regulations...
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Journalists and climate scientists at AAAS panel see ‘Superstorm Sandy’ as game-changer on public attitudes. Next step involves finding the right words, writes Jennifer Weeks, a writer specializing in environment and energy stories. 'Now the issue is to convey that support to decision makers...'
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Soon after Hurricane Sandy hit, devastating much of the Northeast, politicians and experts took to the press to urge the government to help communities rebuild 'better'. But what exactly does rebuilding 'better' mean?...
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