USA: Hurricane Sandy 2012


In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Cuba and swept through the East Coast of the United States, causing critical destruction.


As exposure to coastal hazards increases there is growing interest in nature-based solutions for risk reduction. This study uses high-resolution flood and loss models to quantify the impacts of coastal wetlands in the northeastern USA on (i) regional

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This study presents analysis of the six winning Hurricane Sandy Design Competition projects selected to demonstrate innovative approaches for rebuilding communities affected by Hurricane Sandy in ways that will enhance physical, social, economic, and

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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, several federally sponsored projects sought to usher in new modes of urban design that protected against sea-level rise and re-imagined neighborhood design. Now, the projects in New York and New Jersey, chosen through a national competition called Rebuild by Design, face challenges related to implementation, according to a new report.
Six projects from the US Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) “Rebuild by Design” competition are now underway. The goal of the competition was to bring together architects, engineers, ecologists and communities to find ways of making the heavily populated coastal region less vulnerable to flooding.

The goal of this paper is to investigate the impact of Hurricane Sandy from the perspective of interdependence among different sectors of critical infrastructure in New York City and to assess the interconnected nature of risks posed by such a hurricane

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'To plan for future flood risks, Princeton climate scientists are using mathematical models of hurricanes to predict storm surge levels over the next century, taking into account the effects of sea level rise at different locations,' reports Molly Sharlach...
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This publication summarizes the experiences of cooperation during the immediate response to the damages caused by Hurricane Sandy.
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This report first conveys the assets and needs of community-dwelling older adults during disasters that result in power outages and service interruptions, drawing on literature, and with a special focus on Hurricane Sandy. The report then proposes

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'We are calling for a paradigm shift towards a community preparedness model of disaster recovery from one of primary emphasis on individual preparedness. Resources are needed for enhancing communities’ social networks, connectedness, and integration of assets long before disaster strikes,' said Lindsay Goldman, report author and Project Manager at NYAM...
New York Academy of Medicine, the
'This project will implement a water management strategy that will comprehensively protect all of our residents, businesses, and the critical assets we share like the PATH, transit stations, and hospital. One of the elements of the plan will use parks as flood protection, creating more open space for our residents to enjoy,' said Mayor Dawn Zimmer...
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