Sexual and reproductive health


Unequal gender norms, attitudes and practices can affect women’s health-related behaviours and the realization of their rights.


With support from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Women’s Refugee Commission, the International Planned Parenthood Federation South Asia Region’s Sexual and Reproductive Health Programme in Crisis and Post-Crisis Situations

International Planned Parenthood Federation - South Asia Region Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Women’s Refugee Commission

The Future Africa Call to Action outlines both the impacts of climate change on the achievement of universal access to sexual and reproductive health and rights and the contributions that the ICPD community can make to building climate resilience. In 2019

United Nations Population Fund
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Policy responses that will decouple child marriage and natural disasters are especially critical today when Eastern India is experiencing more frequent flooding events.
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COVID-19 has brought to light the structural inequalities in healthcare that have existed for decades.
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From supercharging extreme weather events to boosting the spread of infectious diseases, climate change is already having a huge impact on human health across the world.
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Climate change is already exacerbating inequalities across the world around gender. Yet differentiated experiences with climate change are rarely addressed in policy.
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