This image shows a group of people demonstrating. They are holding a large green banner that says" Climate change is a health emergency".
06 Apr 2022
Climate change impacts human health and strains heavily burdened health services everywhere. Health-related risks linked to climate change range widely, from increased transmission of vector-borne diseases to decreased access to services after disasters.
A little girl drink water from outdoor tap which water supplied by drilling well
21 Feb 2022
People around the world are supported by an intricate mesh of water, sanitation and drainage systems. When these systems are neglected for prolonged periods of time or exposed to natural hazards and disasters, the systems become vulnerable to collapse.
Telecommunication mast TV antennas wireless technology with blue sky in the morning
22 Feb 2022
The global economy is increasingly digital. The internet and other information and communication technologies are changing the way individuals, businesses and governments operate. Their resilience to disasters and their ability to recover is crucial.
Containers ship and ports freight load unloading by crane forwarding industry import export international worldwide, business services transportation of goods in ocean waters Asia Pacific and Europe
21 Feb 2022
Global supply chains and transport networks form the backbone of the global economy, fuelling trade, consumption and economic growth. Disruptions to supply chains can prove costly.
Image of an airplane from above.
22 Feb 2022
Airports are a key sector for which the potential impacts of disaster, natural hazards and climate change could be particularly challenging. Understanding and strengthening airport infrastructure is a critical step toward building resilience.
Floods in Sanamxay district, Lao PDR
11 Jan 2022
This collection compiles solutions implemented in LDCs to prevent disasters and reduce risk.
Aerial view of flooded houses
11 Nov 2021
These are key resources to understand more on how climate change increases disaster risk.
22 Sep 2021
Examples of innovative DRR initiatives supported by citizen science and crowd-sourcing.
03 Aug 2021

A collection of resources for the media covering disasters and disaster risk reduction efforts.

03 Aug 2021

An innovative approach to release funds for disaster preparedness and response according to predefined triggers before a crisis occurs.