Pakistan floods 2010-2011


In July 2010, heavy monsoon rains affected millions of people by submerging approximately one-fifth of Pakistan's land area.

The precautionary measures aim to protect the population of low-lying areas on the periphery of Mangla Dam lake from impending floods at the just-started monsoon season, official sources told APP. A risk assessment is also to be conducted...
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The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and partners have launched a project to upgrade the early warning system in Pakistan, which last year experienced the worst flooding in 80 years, according to a UN news release issued by the Paris-based agency...
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This report examines the response to the Pakistan floods of 2010. It states that the frequency and severity of natural disasters are predicted to increase. Along with increases in population, especially in urban centres, the number of fatalities and the

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This technical report presents a regional study conducted to understand the labour migration process in communities affected by water hazards, such as floods, flash floods, droughts and water shortages, in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan (HKH) region. It

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'Now is the time to build up Pakistan's resilience to disaster' said Neva Khan, director of NGO Oxfam in Pakistan. 'The cost of implementing safeguards pales in comparison to the damage to lives and property [that could be caused by the monsoon]'...
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'Human error played a key role in last year’s devastating floods in Pakistan,' writes Daanish Mustafa and David Wrathall, describing the vulnerability of the Indus basin and calling for a new approach to its management....
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