New Zealand: Christchurch and Canterbury earthquakes 2010-2011


A strong earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand, triggered a series of aftershocks, including an earthquake that resulted in multiple deaths in Christchurch.


This report reviews the recent major earthquakes that took place in Chile, New Zealand, Japan, Italy and Turkey, amongst others. It states that the disastrous events of the last two years are a reminder that large parts of the globe are heavily exposed to

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As per Swiss Re, earthquake insurance penetration is highest in New Zealand, and is very low in Japan, particularly for commercial properties. 'While insurance cannot replace lost lives and livelihoods, appropriate insurance and other risk transfer mechanisms can greatly accelerate the recovery process'...
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The global tourism industry is increasingly resilient to both natural and man made threats. The effective management of natural disasters is enacted in four phases: readiness, reduction, response and recovery...
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'We are taking all the existing and new information and using a consistent methodology to produce liquefaction hazard information, which will be useful not only for building consenting, but also for infrastructure asset'...
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Profound changes in building codes are getting evaluated for the next generation of structures in New Zealand, ideas that may influence cities in the United States and the rest of the world that face similar hazards...
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'For regions as vulnerable as ours, disaster preparedness is no desktop exercise – it’s a matter of survival,' Jim McLay, New Zealand’s Permanent Representative to the UN, told the general debate of the General Assembly in New York...
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