New Zealand: Christchurch and Canterbury earthquakes 2010-2011


A strong earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand, triggered a series of aftershocks, including an earthquake that resulted in multiple deaths in Christchurch.

This review analyses some of the major events and trends related to natural disasters and humanitarian disaster response and looks at the experience of developed countries with natural disasters in 2011.
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This issue reports on the most catastrophic events of 2011, which has been the most expensive natural disaster year to date with economic losses amounting to some US$ 380bn. It focuses on the 11 March 2011 Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident

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'New Zealand is well up there in terms of exactly taking these issues to heart and being prepared. Very good search and rescue standards, very good building codes,' said Jonathan Andrews from UNDP's Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery...
The director of the natural hazards section of GNS Science, Kelvin Berryman said the research institute 'has learnt a few lessons from the earthquake, and if another disaster were to strike tomorrow, more effort would be put into making sure key messages were consistent'...
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A Massey University/GNS Science Joint Centre for Disaster Research advisory group advocates for a 'strengths-based' approach to recovery after the Christchurch earthquakes and encourages agencies to focus on empowerment and building resilience in the community...
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It is essential that communities are prepared and can look after themselves as the demand would probably overwhelm the emergency services and civil defence if a major disaster hit Central Otago...