New Zealand: Christchurch and Canterbury earthquakes 2010-2011


A strong earthquake in Canterbury, New Zealand, triggered a series of aftershocks, including an earthquake that resulted in multiple deaths in Christchurch.

According to the report, when asked about positive outcomes arising from the earthquakes, 76 per cent of respondents had experienced pride in the ability to cope under difficult circumstances, 69 per cent increased resilience as a family...
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'Over the next 10 years the Council will be focusing on strengthening more of our buildings, roads and water network. We also want to encourage Wellingtonians to think about what they can do at a household and community level,' said Wellington Mayor Celia Wade-Brown...
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'Don't underestimate the ability of small businesses to adapt,' this was one of the most important messages regarding the small businesses' resilience following the Christchurch earthquakes, as told at the recent World Conference of the International Council for Small business in Wellington, New Zealand...
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The specific objectives for this study are: to assess the extent and nature of crisis experience in small firms; to identify planning and preparedness mechanisms and to assess how small firms have adapted; to assess the impact of Canterbury earthquakes on small firms’ operations inside and outside the ‘impact zone’; to assess the awareness of potential threats to business continuity planning for future events.
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Despite immense insured losses of USD 116 billion (a 142% increase over the previous year) arising from record earthquake and flood losses, the insurance industry weathered the year well and played a key role in risk management and post-disaster recovery financing...
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The Brookings report found that 'In comparison with the previous decade, the number of disasters and the number of people affected by disasters in 2011 were both below average. But 2011 was the most expensive year in history in terms of disaster losses — primarily because of the $210 billion loss experienced by Japan'...
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