Hurricane Harvey 2017


Hurricane Harvey yielded extensive damage across the Southern United States, especially Texas.

Though climate change influences hurricanes in terms of the ocean's temperature and changing wind patterns, what ultimately causes the disaster is people's vulnerability. Thus, what needs to be addressed is individuals' and society's responsibility for where and how we live, and how we support those who cannot support themselves.
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Cities in the South of the US have become more flood prone as they have grown, and now Hurricane Harvey highlights Houston's storm vulnerability. Recent construction with an increase of grey infrastructure, poor drainage systems and building regulations, are some of the factors that make the city especially vulnerable to flooding.
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In anticipation of Hurricane Harvey, a publicly available interactive map that shows forecasted coastal change is now available via the U.S. Geological Survey. These forecasts can be used to identify where impact might be most severe, such as road damage and coastline inundation.
United States Geological Survey