Hurricane Harvey 2017


Hurricane Harvey yielded extensive damage across the Southern United States, especially Texas.

Not all counties in the Houston-area issued mandatory evacuations before Tropical Storm Harvey made landfall. Harvey has shown the need for improvement in evacuation decision-making, assessing different attitudes towards evacuation in different areas, and improving infrastructural possibilities of mass-evacuation.
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The 100-year floodplain is often misunderstood as an area that would flood once every century. The actual meaning is a 1 percent chance of flooding in any year, or a 26 percent chance of being flooded at least once during a typical 30-year mortgage period. As the government fails to communicate the actual risks, home owners underestimate their own risk.
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Museums in and around Houston were prepared for Tropical Storm Harvey and the floodings. Except for various disaster resilient upgrades to the structures since previous storms and floods, temporary approaches such as water barriers and sandbags, as well as vaults for safer storage, were used for protection.
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Women are more likely to be negatively affected by disasters like Hurricane Harvey, a study shows. Disasters exacerbate existing inequalities, meaning marginalized groups tend to get hit the hardest, by reinforcing raced, classed and gendered experiences. To tackle the issue, violence against women needs to be addressed more seriously before and in between disasters.
A new study highlights the importance of addressing both excess precipitation and overflowing rivers as well as surging ocean waters when conducting flood hazard assessments. The study addresses the effects between the two drivers which can help produce more accurate flood hazard assessments in the future.
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The extent of the Hurricane Harvey disaster came as no surprise to experts. Despite issued warnings about the estimated severity, the public reception of the warnings was not serious enough. Experts believe this is rooted in tropical storms not normally being associated with heavy rain and the public perceptions of certain risk communication language.
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