Hurricane Harvey 2017


Hurricane Harvey yielded extensive damage across the Southern United States, especially Texas.

Much flood damage from Hurricane Harvey could have been avoided had there been investments in resilience before the storm. Without such investment and most flood risk uninsured, homeowners are shouldered with the costs. Harvey highlights the importance of a good financial framework, with accurate pricing and incentivizing homeowners’ mitigation measures.
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The U.S. federal government can determine the country's disaster preparedness by investing in either preparedness or relief. As post-disaster efforts and investments are more visible they are also more rewarding for politicians. Voters should thus be encouraged to demand funding for disaster preparedness.
The term '100-year flood' is a widely misunderstood term in disaster preparedness. Rather than being expected to occur once every 100 years, there is a 1 percent chance of a flood happening in any given year. Being used as a benchmark for how we assess risk, the misconception of the 100-year flood results in incorrect risk assessment.
Perception of climate change is often limited to events in distant places, such as polar bears and melting ice, rather than including local changes and events. Hurricane Harvey exemplifies the risks we all face and the actions that need to be taken in order to minimize future disaster risk.
Conversation Media Group, the
Researchers have studied how Tropical Storm Harvey can impact food and energy production in Houston by using a mapping system that allows quick analysis of changing information. The analysis highlights the extended vulnerability and exposure of the cities depending on exports from the Houston area.
Northern Arizona University
During Hurricane Katrina, almost half of all those who chose not to evacuate did so because they did not want to abandon their pets. Katrina became a turning point, and now more than 30 U.S. states have laws addressing disaster planning for pets. The pet evacuation efforts seen during Tropical Storm Harvey emphasizes the improvements achieved since 2005.
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