Hurricane Harvey 2017


Hurricane Harvey yielded extensive damage across the Southern United States, especially Texas.


This paper provides background information on critical flooding problems in the Houston and Harris County areas as a result of Hurricane Harvey, presents an update on progress made to date, discusses successes and shortcomings of existing flood mitigation

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Most residents in hurricane-prone areas know to store food, stock up on water, check their flashlights and radios and plan for evacuations, but few are ready for infrastructure service disruptions, as shown by Houstonians' response to Harvey. Planning for losing key services should therefore be part of storm preparation plans, especially for low-income communities.
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A new report finds that in total across Texas, Hurricane Harvey triggered the release of at least 8.3 million pounds of unpermitted air pollution from petrochemical plants, including carcinogenic pollutants. Better coordination of plant shutdowns and investment in resilient backup power systems are needed to ensure excess pollution does not occur again.
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This report focuses on the pollution and adverse health effects that resulted from the impact of Hurricane Harvey in 2017 on the operations of oil refineries and other chemical facilities in the US Gulf Coast region. This report details ways in which some

Environmental Integrity Project

This research brief provides context about how the recovery process is unfolding in the Hurricane Harvey-affected region and how the area can prevent a similar situation from happening again. It examines how localities, states and the nation approach

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After Hurricane Harvey's devastation, Houston has been making greener investments with its Bayou Greenways 2020 project, which will restore 3,000 acres of land along its bayous, and Exploration Green, a 200-acre greenway replete with wetlands that was once a golf course, among other initiatives. These efforts reflect a shift in Texans' approach to recovery and resilience.
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