Climate services for disaster risk reduction


How climate services can contribute to effective risk management systems and resilience building initiatives.

This article uses a case study approach to describe how the original LTACs were established, the benefits obtained from the LTAC system, and the expansion of the system to areas outside Colombia.
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A project in My Loi helps women and ethnic minorities access weather data and use it to inform agriculture decisions. After participating in the project, women and ethnic minorities use inputs more efficiently, choose appropriate crop varieties, avoid crop loss, and adjust their farming schedule to avoid climate risks.
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This paper aims to examine the approach used to involve stakeholders in the climate information services (CIS) uptake process in Senegal. The study analyzed the experiences and lessons learnt in the country where various CIS products were introduced using

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This paper explores one critical challenge for promoting Climate-Resilient Water Management (CRWM) in South Asia and beyond: the availability and use of high-quality climate information. It is aimed primarily at those designing or delivering projects and

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Working with rural households to improve their access to met service-generated climate information has highlighted the prevalent use of traditional weather forecasting, which still remains one of the main accessible and trusted sources of weather and

Building Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Extremes and Disasters

At present, awareness - and use - of climate services (CS) by the legal sector is negligible. This is partly due to lack of understanding of climate change and the ways it differentially implicated different practice areas of law. This disposition is

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This study, conducted by the USAID-funded Climate Information Services Research Initiative (CISRI), is designed to contribute to the operationalization of Niger's National Framework for Climate Services, known as the Cadre National pour les Services

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Reliable weather data is essential for farmers to achieve climate resilient development. Hydromet, a combination of hydrology and meteorology, offers real time weather, water and climate updates, early warning, and climate outlooks that can help communities predict and prepare for impending disasters and prepare for disaster risks.
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‘Co-production’ of climate knowledge sounds like a wonderful aspiration but is far from easy to achieve in practice. Barriers to co-production include current funding models, incentives system within academia and excessive demand on stakeholders who face capacity issues and competition.
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The goal of this e-platform is to demonstrate weather and climate services as a system of inter-connected parts and processes. The course raises awareness of this important agenda in the context of climate resilient development, and it will help teams and

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