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Social Impacts & Resilience

Consequences of a hazardous event on the physical, economic and psychological well-being of individuals and on the functioning of a community. Features of a social system that help to avoid losses and maintain or recover satisfying living conditions after a shock.

El Niño devastation demands development solutions - UNDP

19 Jul 2016, UNDP USA

El Niño demands immediate attention to development solutions to mitigate the impact of its inevitable return, said the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) ahead of a recent key international meeting. While the latest El Niño is now receding, around 60 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance due to drought, flooding and other extreme weather events.

Extracts of progress reports by progress indicator on the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action
  • Indicator 4.2 [PDF, 102Kb]Social development policies and plans are being implemented to reduce the vulnerability of populations most at risk

Find or contribute curricular, extra-curricular and public awareness materials on disaster prevention and school safety for primary, secondary, vocational, community-based education and public awareness.