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Information Management

The collection, processing, organization and dissemination of information to support knowledge sharing for disaster risk reduction, including the development common terminology.

SPC advances drone use during disaster assessment in Vanuatu

25 Jun 2015, SPC

The team was able to employ the latest techniques to conduct mapping surveys of affected areas. 'Overall, the mission went well as we collected a range of information not only important for the Post Disaster Needs Assessment directed by the Vanuatu Government, but also for medium and longer term coastal management initiatives,' said SPC Team Leader of the mission, Herve Damlamian...

Extracts of progress reports by progress indicator on the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action
  • Indicator 2.2 [PDF, 109Kb]Systems are in place to monitor, archive and disseminate data on key hazards and vulnerabilities
  • Indicator 3.1 [PDF, 105Kb]Relevant information on disasters is available and accessible at all levels, to all stakeholders (through networks, development of information sharing systems etc)
  • Indicator 5.4 [PDF, 88Kb]Procedures are in place to exchange relevant information during hazard events and disasters, and to undertake post-event reviews

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