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Health & Health Facilities

Strengthening capacity and resilience of health systems to anticipate, mitigate and manage situations arising from natural hazards.

 Photo by UNISDR From left to right, At the National Civil Protection Awards in Mexico, Sergio Almazan, Founder and President of Project Chema Tierra, President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, and head of UNISDR, Margareta Wahlstrom.

Mexico marks 30 years of progress

21 Sep 2015, UNISDR AM

Speaking at the National Civil Protection Awards ceremony, the head of UNISDR, Margareta Wahlström said that since the 1985 earthquake Mexico has emerged as a leader in the field of DRR notably through the creation of the National Civil Protection System, the development of a national risk atlas, a programme for safe schools and hospitals, early warning systems and private public partnership...

Extracts of progress reports by progress indicator on the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action
  • Indicator 4.2 [PDF, 102Kb]Social development policies and plans are being implemented to reduce the vulnerability of populations most at risk

Find or contribute curricular, extra-curricular and public awareness materials on disaster prevention and school safety for primary, secondary, vocational, community-based education and public awareness.