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Economics of DRR

Analysis of economic initiatives taken at any level and/or by any sector in order to improve disaster risk reduction strategies, including the direct and indirect economic impacts of disasters.

Photo by Vinaka Fiji Villagers are involved in Food Bank planning and preparation

UNDP: Food security projects give remote island communities long-term disaster resilience

27 Mar 2015, UNDP Asia-Pacific

Remote island communities in Fiji’s Yasawa Islands will be better prepared in times of disaster, even if their crops are destroyed, through a new food bank project... Risk-resilient crops and farming techniques [are] being introduced to help the communities become more resilient.'We encourage partnerships like this between the public and private sectors,' said Elanoa Vakabunoya Nimacere, Operations Manager for Vinaka Fiji...

Extracts of progress reports by progress indicator on the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action
  • Indicator 1.2 [PDF, 110Kb]Dedicated and adequate resources are available to implement disaster risk reduction plans and activities at all administrative levels
  • Indicator 4.3 [PDF, 93Kb]Economic and productive sectorial policies and plans have been implemented to reduce the vulnerability of economic activities
  • Indicator 5.3 [PDF, 86Kb]Financial reserves and contingency mechanisms are in place to support effective response and recovery when required.

Find or contribute curricular, extra-curricular and public awareness materials on disaster prevention and school safety for primary, secondary, vocational, community-based education and public awareness.