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Community based disaster risk management

  • Type: Training Course
  • Date: 30 Jun - 09 Aug 2014
  • Location: Japan


The aim of the course is that participants understand the importance of disaster risk management for disasters and the needs of self-help and mutual, natural support and acquire disaster risk management specific method for promoting community-based in each country through the self-help organization of residents disaster risk management, such as "Disaster-Safe Welfare Community" Kobe City

The program is aimed at countries such as Thailand, India, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Fiji, Kiribati, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Jamaica.

This course will feature the maximum participation of 20 people, which will be selected primarily Which organizations can play a leading role in promotion of community based disaster risk management and Dissemination of self-help organization of residents for disaster risk management. (eg disaster management planning organization/division, community development organization in the central/local government)

The Participants who have successfully completed the program will be awarded a certificate by JICA.

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How to register

Conditions and Procedures for Application

1. Nominee Qualifications:

Applying Organizations are expected to select nominees who meet the following qualifications.
• Current Duties: be officials of the organizations which can play a leading role in promotion of community based disaster prevention and dissemination of self-help organization of residents for disaster prevention. (e.g. Disaster management planning organization/division, community development organization in central/local government). Priority will be given to applicant with willingness/interest and/or with authority/duty on development and dissemination of self-help organizations for disaster prevention in communities referring to the Kobe City’s efforts of “Disaster-Safe Welfare Community”.
• Experience in the relevant field: have more than 2 years’ experience in the field mentioned above.
• Educational Background: be a graduate of university or equivalent
• Language: have a competent command of spoken and written English. Please attach an official certificate for English ability such as TOEFL, TOEIC etc, if possible.
• Must not be serving any form of military service.
• Health: must be in good health, both physically and mentally, to participate in the Program in Japan, as this program will contain some outdoor skill practice and drills as a participation of evacuation drill.

2. Required Documents for Application:

• Application Form: The Application Form is available at the JICA office (or the Embassy of Japan).
• Photocopy of passport: to be submitted with the Application Form, if you possess your passport which you will carry when entering Japan for this program. If not, you are requested to submit its photocopy as soon as you obtain it.
• Nominee’s English Score Sheet: to be submitted with the Application Form. If you have any official documentation of English ability.
• Job Report (digest version): to be submitted with the Application Form. This job report should be typewritten in English and not be more than three (3) pages. Please submit both pdf and word format.

3. Procedures for Application and Selection´╝Ü

• Submission of the Application Documents: Closing date for application to the JICA Center in JAPAN: May 9, 2014
• Selection: After receiving the documents through proper channels from your government, the JICA office (or the Embassy of Japan) will conduct screenings, and then forward the documents to the JICA Center in Japan.
• Notice of Acceptance: Notification of results will be made by the JICA office (or the Embassy of Japan) not later than May 30, 2014.

4. Document(s) to be submitted by accepted candidates:

• Job Report Presentation: To be prepared by each participant (not by country). It is recommended to use Microsoft Power Point. During the training, participants are required to present the contents of the Job Report within 10 minutes in order to share country’s information on disaster risk management among other participants and Japanese attendants.
Presentation report should be sent to JICA Kansai by June 16, 2014. E-mail to: Gotouda.Fukiko.2@jica.go.jp
• Materials for the community-based disaster prevention in your country (If any):
• Read the book "The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake as seen by a firefighter" and write a report that Compare with the role and function of the firefighters in your country. The book will be sent to participants from JICA office separately.

For more information on Conditions and Procedures for Application pdf review the general information Course Community based Disaster Risk Management


  • Themes:Capacity Development, Community-based DRR
  • Countries/Regions:Japan

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/36572

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