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The 8th international symposium on social management systems SSMS2012

  • Type: Meeting or Conference
  • Date: 02-04 May 2012
  • Location: Taiwan (China) (Kaohsiung)
  • Venue: Kaohsuing Ambassador Hotel 202 Min Sheng 2nd RD., Kaohsiung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
  • Language: English


The Society for Social Management Systems is dedicated to promote research, investigation, and information exchange for the development of social management methodologies to meet the increasing challenges of modern societies. To facilitate information exchange, the Society for Social Management Systems has been organizing a Symposium on Social Management Systems (SSMS) annually since 2005. The Symposium on Social Management Systems for 2012 (SSMS2012) will be held in Taiwan to further promote this new discipline.

In recent years, many countries such as Japan, Australia, China, New Zealand, USA, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, Taiwan, and others have suffered many “mega disasters” causing tremendous social and economic impacts as warned by UN in 2010. Some countries, however, have successfully integrated the government, NGO, and private enterprises’ resources and efforts in disaster management and post-disaster reconstruction. SSMS2012 will share the experience on disaster prevention and disaster management and the post-disaster reconstruction efforts of 2009 Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan and other case studies will be presented. In addition, recent development of social management systems such as infrastructure and asset management, construction management, information management, water resources management, environmental management, sustainability and energy saving and carbon reduction systems, and regional socio-economical management will be discussed through invited lectures, presentations, and panel discussions by the participants all over the world.


a) Mega Disasters and Challenge
b) Disaster Early Warning
c) Disaster Prevention
d) Disaster Response and Recovery
e) Post-Disaster Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Management
f) Infrastructure Management and Materials
g) Construction Management and Dispute Resolution
h) Asset Management
i) Information Management
j) Water-Resource Management
k) Climate Change and Environmental Management
l) Sustainable Development and Carbon Reduction
m) Region Socio Economical Management
n) Entrepreneurship and Revitalization
o) CSR and NGO’s contributions
p) International Cooperation and Aids

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How to register

Register by opening your web account on SSMS website. Regardless your participation type, both authors and general participants (audience) need their own web account. http://management.kochi-tech.ac.jp/?content=ssmssubmit


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  • Themes:Civil Society/NGOs, Climate Change, Critical Infrastructure, Disaster Risk Management, Early Warning, Economics of DRR, Environment, Governance, Information Management, Recovery, Water
  • Countries/Regions:Taiwan (China)

  • Short URL:http://preventionweb.net/go/26608

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